Break down complex tasks into easy steps

Andee increases the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder in their living or working environment.

An easy to use app to facilitate learning

Create Tasks and Sequence

Start by creating visual and personalized sequences grouping the tasks present in your environment.

Assign tasks to different users

Multiple users can be created using one account. Assign tasks according to every person’s needs.

Create schedules

People with disabilities use Andee to know what tasks they have to do during the day.

Flexible tasks according to their needs

Create a Supervisor profile

A single account can configure multiple users. The Supervisor’s profile is used to group all the video and photo sequences that will be used.

Create User profiles

Each user is unique and so is their schedule. Andee allows everyone to have visibility on the schedule of the day and to quickly identify the assigned tasks.

Edit task sequences

At any time, add or remove tasks from a user’s profile to change their weekly schedule. Does a sequence require more details? No problem, modify the task and assign it to the concerned person.

Different ways to communicate

Use the right communication tool for each person. Add text, pictures, video or audio to properly support every user.

Choice sequences

A sequence offers several options ? No problem.
Create choices representing different options to help increase self determination.

Create a daily and weekly schedule

For each user, create a personalized schedule.

Add your task sequences, then assign them to the desired time of day as well as the desired frequency.

Suitable for all your employees

Simplified interface

Andee use a simple and intuitive employed interface to allow rapid learning.

Clear and colorful sequence

Each sequence is explored step by step and allows your employee not to forget anything. The “video”, “image”, “sound” and “written” stages make it possible to meet a wide range of needs.

Horaire des tâches de la journée

The tasks of the day are grouped together. Once successful, your employee indicates which are successful and continues to the next task.

Develop in collaboration with experts

Andee is an application developed by Neuro Solutions Group and the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. It has been tested in different employability contexts, thanks to partnerships with the Conseil Québécois des Entreprises Adaptées and the Pacific Autism Family Network. Andee allows people with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder to be more independent and improves their accessibility to the job market.

Andee can be used at home or at work. The supervisor can be a worker, an employer, a parent or a caregiver.


Thanks to our valued partners

Transform your living environment with Andee

Andee is available both on Android and iOS and can be used on phones and tablets.